5 Ways: How To Get Over A Break Up

How to get over a break upLearning how to get over a break up is never easy no matter what the circumstances are or how “amicable” the way the relationship ended. If you’re having trouble getting over a break up the following may help you get through the situation. Also, remember that you are not alone and other people have gone through what you are dealing with right now.

1. How To Get Over A Break Up : Go through the Reasons for the Breakup

One of the ways to get over a break up is to think about the situation as thoroughly as possible. This may be difficult, but think of the reason or the reasons why you broke up with your ex. Considering your emotional situation, trying to figure out the reason will be tough, but doing this may help you better understand why the relationship really had to end.

2. How To Get Over A Break Up : Feeling Pain and Hurt is Acceptable

Anyone who is working on ways to get over a break up will tell you that feeling hurt and pain is just all right. If you feel responsible for the breakup, that’s all right, and it is a sign of maturity if you accept part of the blame for the way the relationship ended.

At the same time, don’t go overboard and think that you are a worthless person who is good for nothing. Feeling pain and hurt is just part of the breakup process, but there should be an end to it though. There is no time limit for recovery but at some point you need to get over it as soon as possible and move on.

3. How To Get Over A Break Up : List All the Bad Stuff

If have tried different methods on how to get over a break up and they don’t work,  get a piece of paper or just type on your computer everything you don’t like about your ex. Don’t list the reasons for the breakup but everything you dislike about your ex. Don’t leave anything out and be merciless. Whenever you feel a longing for the past, pick up the piece of paper and think of the hurt you felt when your ex did this or that. Remember how bad you felt during those times, and how you vowed to yourself that you would never allow it to happen again.

4. How To Get Over A Break Up : Start All Over

Many say the best way to get over a break up is to consider it as a closed chapter of your life and start over. Think of it as a new beginning and use this opportunity to organize your personal stuff and get your personal space rearranged. This won’t just make your home tidier but also keep your mind occupied.

The connection between house cleaning and recovering from grief is not as farfetched as you might think. Your feelings of depression get worse when you are surrounded by a cluttered, dark and dingy environment. Cleaning your place will give you a sense of purpose, and accomplishing the task will give you a feeling of satisfaction. And while you are at it, why not give yourself a makeover as well?  Get a haircut, buy a new wardrobe, buy a new pair of shoes, etc. Remember, your old self is dead and you’re now totally reborn. [Read: How to get your girlfriend back using texting]

5. How To Get Over A Break Up : Get Rid of the Old Memories

If you want to know how to get over a breakup make it a point to get rid of any memory triggers. No matter what the trigger is, a place, a gift, a song etc, get rid of it. This is going to be essential in helping you get over the grieving process, and in many cases these memory triggers can prevent you from getting over the breakup. If you think this is what is happening, then get a box and walk around your house. Go through each room and put in the box every item that brings back memories that make your heart ache, and throw it away.

Finally, if you are still thinking of how to get over a break up, create a list of all the positive things that emerged from the break up. You might think that nothing good came out of it and that it’s the end of the word, but try to view it from a different perspective and you might be surprised at how many good things came out of it.

If you still feel can’t get over it and get rid of the old memory, it’s mean you cant forget about him. Try to get your love back by check out The Ex Recovery System. It’s the best guide you can get out there.

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