Breaking Up With Someone You Are Still In Love With

breaking up with someoneBreaking up with someone, especially someone you are still deeply in love with, is never easy but there ways for you to get this done without having to hurt both parties too much. Sometimes, even when you are in love, the relationship simply won’t work. There could be a dozen reasons to break up with someone but most people put them off simply because they still say that a strong relationship can overcome those obstacles. However if the relationship itself is not tackling those problems then you could end up destroying yourself or your partner. Nobody wants that to happen.

Steps to Break Up With Someone You Still Love

Before you even start working up how to break up with someone you love, you have to first accept that even the best break up is still going to be painful for both parties. After all, you did spend a good time together sharing memories both happy and sad. You can’t simply throw all that away in an instant which is why breaking up is still going to hurt. However if it has to be done you’ll need to consider the following ways to break up with someone in a way that allows both of you to move on.

Breaking Up With Someone : Don’t Rush It

You definitely don’t want to rush it. The first rule on how to talk to girls is that they are emotional people. They base most of their decisions entirely on emotions so if you go direct and tell them outright that you have to break up, they’ll take it the wrong way. They could think that there is something horribly wrong with them or worse yet, they might think that you want to break up because you were cheating on her. Instead, take it slowly.

Start by adding snippets of breaking up into your conversations. You’ll want to talk about problems and issues that have been bugging you and you will want to open up the idea that your relationship just might not work in the long run. Sooner or later the person you love will already understand that your relationship, as happy as you two are, might not be the right thing for you both.

Breaking Up With Someone : Saying It

breaking up with someone you loveWhen you’ve already got them prepared for the breakup, you now have to actually tell the person that you want to end the relationship. This is perhaps the hardest part when it comes to breaking up with someone you still love. You have to prepare yourself for the negative flow of emotions that will rush out from your partner. When you tell them you should expect them to cry and maybe get into a fit of anger. However, if you did the first step above then they will probably have seen this coming days before you even decided to tell them you need to end the whole thing. If you did the first step above then they will already be emotionally prepared for it.

Breaking Up With Someone : The Aftermath of the Breakup

Here’s where a lot of people stumble when it comes to an ended relationship. When you break up with someone you love, you could enter a deep depression. [Read: 5 ways: How to get over a break up]

This is very detrimental to your health. There are a few things you have to keep in mind after the break up:

  1. Don’t spend all your time thinking about the person you just split ways with. Instead use your new liberty to think on better things. Spend the time on yourself and do the things you could not have done when you were in a relationship. Stop Day dreaming about the person and live your life. Read that book you’ve been trying to finish, go out with friends you haven’t been with in a while, or take that trip to your parents who live in another state.
  2. Don’t stalk your ex girlfriend/boyfriend. Breaking up with someone you love goes beyond just not dating – you have to remove yourself from their lives. If they chose to date someone else, if they decide to move on, or if they decide to just remain stoic and at home, remember that none of it is of your concern. You can be friends later on but for this time, right after the break up, you just have to stay away.
  3. Remember that there are a lot of fish in the sea. You won’t be alone forever unless you make it that way. You can and will find someone else. Breaking up with someone is hard but if you keep an open mind you may find someone who you will fall in love with. This time around, the relationship might be exactly what you need.

Keep these in mind when you have to end your relationship. These facts will help keep you level-headed and will significantly help you avoid deep depression. It’s never easy breaking up with someone you are in love with but sometimes it just has to be done for you both to grow and these facts will help see you through these difficult times.

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