4 Secret How To Win Him Back After Breakup

How to win him backIf you have just recently experienced a breakup, at least you can be consoled with the fact that not all breakups are final. You can learn how to win him back. In fact, if you asked around among those in long-term stable romantic relationships, it won’t be surprising if you found out that a significant number of them went through a breakup at some point. That they managed to get back together and form a more lasting union should give you encouragement that the same can very well happen to you. You can win him back if you want, and hopefully your reconciliation will result in a more lasting romance.

Ways How To Win Him Back

  1. Let some time pass before you try to figure out how to win him back after a break up. Breakups tend to cause a lot of negative emotions, and you need to let some time pass to allow these corrosive feelings to simmer down to a less intense level. If you get together with him too soon after the break up, it’s more likely that the hurt feelings will resurface more readily and hurtful words can be said which can never be left unsaid. Instead of getting back together, you may actually cement the breakup permanently.
  2. Try to remember why you two broke up in the first place. Before you try to get him back, make sure that the conditions which resulted in the breakup are no longer there to muck things up.
    1. If you were the one who broke up with him, then that means that there was something about him that caused you to sever the relationship. This means that either you believe that he has changed and those things you didn’t like are no longer in effect (for example, you broke up with him because he drank too much, but you’ve heard that he’s now going a support group) or that you’ve changed and those traits you didn’t like aren’t as bad as you thought (like if you broke up because he was perpetually late to appointments and now you think that this is a tolerable character flaw).
    2. If he was the one who asked to break up, then there’s something about you that he doesn’t like. You need to be honest with yourself and examine if these character flaws are still with you. If you think you can do better, then the secret to how to win him back is to succeed in convincing him of this.
  3. Let him know that there are no additional hurdles to getting back together. This can be of vital importance if he too is thinking about getting back with you. With some guys, the fear of failure can be somewhat overwhelming. He may believe that you are now in another committed relationship, or he may think that you still hate his guts. Let him know instead that you are still single and that you are open to communicating with him again.

You can do this by letting mutual friends know all about your status and that you are amenable to talking with him again. You can also use various social networking sites like Facebook to inform him that you’re still single and that you are no longer bitter. These sites are also very convenient in telling everyone in your circle of friends when you’re going to a particular party or public function. He can use this information to show up in the same places you’ll be. One of the surest ways to how to win him back is to let him know how he can win you back.

  1. When he gets the courage to try to contact you, be friendly. If you see him, smile. Let him know that you don’t hate him, and this will encourage him to talk with you longer. Ask about what’s happening with him which you missed knowing about because you’ve lost contact. Talk of mutual friends, and tell him about your life as well.

Try to get a sense of whether or not he still wants to get together with you. The point is to make it as easy as possible for him to ask you out. Try to remember when you first met, and display all the traits that you’ve learned he likes about you. It’s just like when you guys first met and you wanted him to ask you out. The same dynamics are in play, except you know enough about him to give him the signals that he recognizes as encouragement. One of the keys to how to get your boyfriend back is to let him know that it is possible to get back together.

If he hasn’t contacted you for a while, this doesn’t always mean that he thinks the break up is final. You can call him up with a flimsy excuse. Perhaps you can ask him about something that you’ve misplaced that he might know about, or you can ask him about the contact info of a mutual friend. If he doesn’t end the conversation right away, then you can ask him how he is and even invite him for coffee in a place both of you like. When you remind him of the good times, it’s more likely that you’ll manage to pique his interest in you again.

Just like when you guys first met, the key to attracting a man is to let him know that you are also interested in him. So the key to how to win him back is to get him to see that he can win you back if he wants to rekindle the relationship again. And also don’t forget to check out The Ex Recovery System. It’s the best guide you can get out there.


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